Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring Break 2010: Day 2: Cambria: Creekside Gardens Cafe

Cambria, CA is a unique mix of forest and sea. Settled on the California central coast, in between San Simeon and Morro Bay. It is large compared to the other surrounding towns, for instance, Harmony, CA; population 18. The main street includes art galleries and family-owned restaurants. Lunch was at the Creekside Gardens Cafe, I vouched for breakfast, their apple pancakes are tasty. The galleries hold glass sculptures, stone work, and other art forms. Cambria is also home to Lynn’s farms and their famous Ollalieberry Pie (best pie I’ve ever had in my life). Lynn’s has three stores in town with everything from Ollalieberry Jam to Salsa. Visitors can also go directly to the farm. The houses rest on the pine covered hills. It is not unusual to see deer or other wildlife near the town. A resident once had raccoons entering his house through the cat door. Cambria certainly holds a whimsical sense of humor.

Now to visit the ocean side of Cambria; Moonstone Beach.

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lien said...

oh man I love reading your vacation posts! :] Makes me wish I spent my spring break like this~

Rose said...

awww thanks :]